Music for Walking with Swag

Music for walking with Attitude.

I am told one should get in 10,000 steps per day. Using a metronome, I found that a brisk walk runs around 120 – 130 beats per minute. However, by adding music at that pace, I forget about the exercise part of it. Leaning forward – with shoulders swinging and full-body tango strides (don’t knock it till you try it- click on picture  for more information –>) Elegantly dressed dancers on the beach - Life is full body gets into the rhythmic movement and it turns more into a dance than an exercise – and it’s definitely a lot more fun. I end up looking forward to it in the morning rather than thinking of it as a drudge task. Once I get going, it feels really good and I get a big smile on my face. The playlist below is a compilation of songs in that pace range and is shuffled so that there’s variety every time you load it.

The song rhythms vary, so you may have to shift gears and shorten, or lengthen, your steps to keep the beat and the movement. There’s around five hours of music which should carry you for as long or far as you want. Some of the songs I like were borderline in their tempo, so I edited them to include them. If you don’t have a computer near by or unlimited mobile data, work off a wifi connection.

In trying to start a habit, it helps to set a trigger to get you going – place your shoes by the bed,  or exercise before a meal, or when you get home – just pick an event, location or action that you’ll recognize every time and use that as a trigger to get you started. First day,  walk a few songs, maybe a block or whatever is comfortable. Next day, when you bump into your trigger again,  do a few more songs, walk an extra street and come back. The following day, walk an extra street or a block and build up. As with all good things in life, start out with small steps, and you’ll surprise yourself at how much you will be able to do.  The people who are in great shape or who can bench press 300 pounds didn’t start like that. Also, let me know what think about the playlist and any suggestions.

While you are walking, pay attention to the environment around you. Also, tune into your mood, and if it needs improvement, think of a few of the things that you truly enjoy that make you happy and “lift your vibe”. Today the sun is bright and warm in a beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds with a wonderful breeze cooling off the early morning, A sleek, white breasted osprey glides in silent easy circles over the lake, and a small alligator floats enjoying the water and sun, and, with the music to pump it up – it’s just perfect.

Get Walkin’  & Enjoy.