Surprises of Life

Singing and Living Blindly

Got a surprise yesterday. I heard a song on the radio by Andrea Bocelli in a duet with a beautiful, clear, but unidentified,  female voice singing a classic latin love song – “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas”.  The song is about the early stage of a relationship – the singer wants the other to commit, but she wants to think about it and answers “perhaps, perhaps, perhaps”.

Mystery Singer

I was curious to find out who the female singer was and went on youtube to see if it could shed some light on her.  The first thing that came up was a segment from Dancing With The Stars with a duet between Andrea and, unexpectedly, Jennifer Lopez- and her voice matched.  During the song, the camera was close to the singers. Andrea kept his eyes closed, and I thought he must be really concentrating on his singing and feeling this song. But, it was interesting to watch the interaction of the two.  As they started to sing, Jennifer lighJaylo and Andrea (2)tly touched his chest. There was gentle touching of each other’s arms and, at times, Jennifer would softly touch his back or chest. There was delicate interaction and unusually good chemistry between the two. They sang beautifully together with Jennifer improvising and calling him “amor” (love) in her answering.

Odd Response

When the song was over, Jennifer gave him a hug with a big, sparkling smile and he smiled back, but, puzzlingly,  he didn’t open his eyes to look at the beautiful, vibrant woman embracing him.

Andrea Jaylo 2 (2)


So, I had to find out why. It turns out that Andrea was born born with congenital glaucoma. He lost his remaining vision when he was 12 in a sports accident. Before he was born, his mother went into the hospital with appendicitis. After the  treatment, the Doctors suggested that she abort the child because he might be born with disabilities. She declined the professional advice and had Andrea.

Despite, and because of, his handicap, he has become a wonderful singer with an appreciative world wide audience. He has sung with many of the most accomplished female singers in the world.

Here’s the duet:

“Quizas, Quizas, Quizas”
by Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez

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