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Welcome to Happy Dog Tales. This is a site for Dog Lovers and Lovers of Life.  Its genesis is the confluence of these two forces.

1. The first was a series of dogs that I’ve had the good fortune to have in my life.  The very first one was Nicky. He was a large air dale terrier – strong, and alert.  I think he was a very smart.  If I tossed a ball to him, he’d chase it two or three times and on the fourth time he would look a me like “Really?  This is starting to get boring.” Women and small children could come and go in the house anytime during the day.  Nicky would open his eyes and check out who it was, and, if it was a woman or child, he’d go back to sleep.  It it was a man, he would be right there immediately in front of him seriously checking him over.

We had a large wooden deck on the back of the house overlooking a wooded stream – it was very private area. One day, a young man was walking across the back deck and there was no reason for him to be there.  Nicky saw him  and immediately began barking fiercely, ran at him, launched himself into the air at the man and crashed into the sliding glass doors – shaking and bending them (have you ever seen glass ripple?).  The young man was startled by Nicky and took off at a fast run.  Nicky continued to bark until the man was far away.

There are two other dogs that I’ve loved. The first one is Labridoodle named Eddie, my daughter’s dog.  He was a large mix between Labrador and Poodle with long black hair with the sweetest disposition I have ever seen.  It he needed food or water he’d come up and, if you are sitting,  he’d put his head on your lap to patiently get your attention. If you were standing, he’d come up and lean softly into your leg and wait quietly to you to let you know he needed something. When he did that, I’d go through the checklist of food, water, if he needs to go outside, or if there was some other circumstance that seems to be in play.

The last dog is a small German Pincher which is like a 20 pound version of a Doberman. He had beautiful black and brown coloring, good proportions, and trim short black hair.  He was a very lean, clean dog. His name was Awesome.  He was a beautiful dog and his father was also a very sweet dog. Awesome was always very friendly and never showed any aggression towards me or anyone else.  One night after dinner, his owner, Di, started to do the dishes.  I didn’t want her to do them, so I moved to the sink and slowly, but firmly, hip- pushed her away from the sink.  Not being one to be told what to do, she firmly hip-pushed back.  I respond in kind as then she.  After a few seconds of this, I felt a tug on my jeans  leg and look down and saw Awesome, all 20 pounds of him, with his teeth clamped on my jeans looking up of the with the expression of ” Pleeease stop”.  I looked at Diane so that she would notice her brave  little dog,  and the battle of the sink ended.

2. The second force for this site came when I was struck how overwhelmingly the news that we get is of crisis, calamity, suffering, death, and generally pending doom.  Instead, I wish to lead my life based on happiness, joy, empowerment, fulfillment, love, freedom, curiosity and appreciation. I have had the wonderfully good fortune to meet a person who lives at that level – an incredible, joyful experience, and I decided that I wanted to live my life that way too. She ended up changing my life.

I realized that dogs and living a “positive life” have  major overlaps in that dogs act on love, forgiveness and appreciation.  They are fully in the moment and can happily be scratched and petted for long periods of time, or be content in thoroughly exploring a newly discovered scent in the grass. Their approach to life is something that we can benefit and learn from along with enjoying their companionship.

The site has two parts – the first focusing on dogs and all the wonderful things they do. The second (and growing)  part focuses on life and how we can enjoy it and better live it. Hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.




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