Blair and Tanner

The Beautiful, Odd Couple

People – Pets , May 1, 2012

Tanner had ended up at the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The good people there felt sorry for him. Tanner was a golden retriever with some major strikes against him. He was blind. On top of that, he was epileptic and suffered “horrifying seizures” almost every night. Although only two years old, he already had two previous owners. The people at the animal hospital were thinking that euthanasia might be the most humane act for him.

But all that changed when another dog had the terrible misfortune of getting shot. A one year old, scared, street dog named Blair was brought to the Woodland Hospital after the shooting. There, Blair and Tanner met. “The connection was immediate.” Dr. Mike Jones, the hospital’s director, noticed a miracle. He said. “It probably took us a few weeks to kind of go’ You know what? Tanner’s not seizing and Blair is getting [less skittish].’ ”

Blair acts as Tanner’s guide dog and leads the way by holding Tanner’s leash in his mouth. And Tanner is a calming influence on Blair, who was highly anxious after his shooting. Everyone at the clinic has watched their unusual friendship blossom. Tanner stays “pretty close to Blair” and will actually follow his lead. They both now share the same pen. Blair seems to be the balloon in the relationship and Tanner the string.

The local TV station reported on the canine Odd Couple, and adoption offers flooded in. The Clinic is taking its time to select their new home. Given their ages, “this is a relationship that’s going to be ten plus years, hopefully” says Veterinarian Jones. “We’re looking for that needle-in-a-haystack type owner that will be able to handle” the inseparable pair.

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