Yolanda – Hero Twice – no, make that Thrice

Golden lab service dog Yolanda and her master Maria Colon help take care of each other. Maria is in her 60’s and  has been blind  for the last 23 years. Yolanda connects her to the outside world.

Early Thursday morning, Maria awoke from her sleep because of the smell of smoke. She gave her dog, Yolanda, the code word “Danger” and Yolanda called the police on a special phone she had learned to use. She then guided Maria downstairs and safely out of the house before police arrived.

Both Yolanda and Maria were hospitalized for smoke inhalation, and Yolanda also suffered an injury to her cornea.

But, this wasn’t the first time Yolanda has helped her owner. Last year, Maria fell in the house and was knocked unconscious. Yolanda, on her own, dialed the police who came and took care of Maria.

As they say in the commercials “But wait –  there’s more”. In the previous year, 2013, while her owner was sleeping upstairs, Yolanda heard men inside the house talking downstairs. Yolanda started growling, closed the bedroom door, went downstairs and bravely chased the men away. As they were leaving, one of the men turned on the stove’s gas.

When Yolanda’s owner came down to find out what all the  barking and noise was about, she smelled the gas and called the police. Turns out they were on the way – Yolanda had already called them.

She’s definitely  a keeper.


Source: The Daily Mail

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